In This article we will learn about one of the best digital marketing case studies- on how mine friend’s team ranked a Fashion blog from 0 traffic/month to 300k traffic in just 16 months.

digital marketing case studies

1) Digital Marketing case studies- Problems to be solved

The fashion blog was a start-up who needed several thigs to be optimized.

  • One of the main problems was to transfer all the content to a better cloud hosting for increased speed and the domain they purchased was an expired domain earlier and many spammy backlinks were linked to it.
  • One of the toughest jobs was to delink each one of these manually. Some of these links were removed by contacting the respect website admins.
  • The remaining were removed by submitting a disavow to the google search console.
  • It was a quiet time taking process but they were successful in removing all of them withing 4 months.

2) Keyword Golden Ratio (Targeting)

In the mean time they also executed many SEO campaigns. As the business was very new to the digital world they started targeting “long tail Keywords” . But then also our estimate said that it will at least take 3 months to rank for 50 keywords minimum. So, they decided to use a famous method called “The KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) Technique”. In this method they usually target those long tail keywords which has a volume less than 250 per month and KD(Keyword Difficulty) not more than 20.This will enable us to cut down the competition by 80% and the rest 20 % depends upon the:

  • Content Quality
  • SEO Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Image SEO.

After 4 months of constant research and effort they finally acquired 6800 visitor per month

3) Social Media Optimization

Now that they have acquired this much It was the second stage that is being active on social media. At the initial phase they hosted many advertisement Campaigns and this kept on going for the next 2 months. Also some keywords has to be targeted like best fashion store, best men’s wear , best Travel website in India They ran this for women’s and kid’s wear related products. They targeted the top 5 most converting countries that is:
  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. UK
  4. Japan
  5. Australia
In these months the business has acquired more than 1400 following on social medias and 141k impressions and over 12k click to the website out of which 3218 people bought some products. The average revenue generated per product was 12$ and the total revenue They generate was 39517$ in just 6 months. That was a major achievement for my friend and his team. They also got 7.4k email subscription because of this ad campaign. hence increacsing the total networth. digital marketing case studies

 4) Email Marketing

Now that they had a large customer base, they began to run email marketing campaigns and retargeting campaigns to attract more visitors. They offered them many discounts, coupons and deals. This attracted another set of 1.2k customers in just 17 days. Many of use this method as I guess you might have gone through many digital marketing case studies and this method is the most common. Also you will find very less digital marketing case studies where KGR method will be implemented.

5) Influencer Marketing

Now comes the last stage which was the ultimate game changer. Pitching   established models and stars were quite expensive. So, they started to look for growing Instagram and YouTube influencers. Here is the biggest mistakes that most of the brands commit while choosing their influencers. They selected our influencer not by the number of followers or subscriptions, rather they analysed their engagement rated CTR, views and quality of the content and that’s the best way they believe. As we know the famous quote “quality matter not the quantity “. They shortlisted 12 Instagram influencers and 6 youtubers who had 200k to 700k subscriptions on YouTube and 30k to 200k following on Instagram. In the next 3 months our organic visitors reached up to 100 k. Then they began to launch more influencer marketing campaigns with the help of generated profits and soon within 16 months the business got an organic search value of 328k visitors per month.
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